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Updated Friday March 30, 2018 by Securing Our eCity Foundation.

...And the WINNERS are:

1st Place: Del Norte High School 1st Place: The Cambridge School
2nd Place: San Marcos High School 2nd Place: EastLake Middle School
3rd Place: Westview High School 3rd Place: Oak Valley Middle School

Thanks to our scholarship/grant donors, we were able to provide a total of $28,000 in funds for the schools to build out their cyber programs! Thanks again AWS, Cubic, NDIA and SOeC Foundation!

We are proud of all of the students that were willing to participate and learn more about becoming a leader and cyber defender for our community. Thank you to all of the Coaches and mentors as well! They have freely given their time and passion to help grow the students and provide the needed skills that are in high demand.

We look forward to more students, schools and businesses engaging in the 2018/19 SoCal Cyber Cup Challenge.

Varsity teams, we look forward to seeing you at the SOeC Cyber Boot Camp in June!

Thank you to all of our sponsors for helping to make the SoCal Cyber Cup Challenge a reality!